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15 Best Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start as a Non-Citizen Foreigner

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You may perhaps be interested in earning some money as a non-citizen foreigner, hence seeking a viable business plan. Being in a foreign country, you need to know the types of businesses that you are allowed to start.  It is equally important to be aware of the prevailing rules and regulations so as to avoid penalties and fines. There are several opportunities that you can cash in on. Determine your passions and hobbies as best you can. Identify the one that can be turned into a company. Otherwise, search the internet for Low-Investment Business Ideas and make an informed decision. Top 15 Low-Investment Business Ideas to Consider.

Top 15 Low-Investment Business Ideas to Consider

1. Daycare Center:

Men and women in developed countries are mostly employed to enhance their lifestyles. This means they need assistance to take care of their babies and children. There is demand for family members, babysitters, and nannies.

2. Animal husbandry and livestock farming:

One profitable venture that you can try out is agriculture. Immigrant entrepreneurs are encouraged by the local governments to participate. It includes cattle rearing, fish farming, poultry farming, etc.

3. Hairstylist:

If you have the right skills in cutting or making hair, then you may invest in a small salon. You can easily get noticed if you open up your business in any small town.

Hairstylist low-investment business ideas

4. Freelancer:

It is available for offline and online freelancing work. It depends upon the skills you possess. Otherwise, you can check out an insurance company to become an insurance advisor.

5. Laundry business:

Washing and ironing clothes of daily use is indeed a hectic, laborious, and time-taking job. Many don’t have the time to undertake this chore. You can make it your business!

6. Fashion business:

You may have a keen interest in clothes. Why not consider becoming a fashion designer and converting your passion into a lucrative profession? You can use an advertising platform to promote your business.

7. Food Truck Business:

If you have culinary skills, then why not invest in or rent a food truck? It will have all the essential kitchen equipment. You can do business in any lane of choice as permitted by law.

8. Consulting business:

Maybe you have experience, expertise in some work and appropriate qualifications. You may use such specialist skills to help others reach their desired objectives. You may promote your consulting firm in a reputed advertising platform.

9. Restaurant:

If you have money and a keen interest in the food business, then you can set up a restaurant in a busy location. You may introduce something new that people will love or commonly served cuisines.

10. Coffee shop:

A cup of hot coffee is what everyone would like to grab throughout the day. You may serve coffee along with snacks. Also, provide free wi-fi as it will attract more customers to your place.

Coffee shop low-investment business ideas

11. Hauling business:

It involves moving goods between places. It can be from the depot to different selling points, warehouses, or factories. It is done mainly by rail or road transportation. You will need to have proper insurance from a reputed Insurance Company.

12. Delivery services:

You cannot compete with big established global brands. But then, there are many who would like to get packages delivered within short distances. Cater to this group.

13. Home Cleaning services:

Keeping the home clean can be a tedious, time-consuming, back-breaking job especially if there are pets and children at home. You may offer your services to clean other people’s homes.

14. Scrap Book Services:

This book has blank pages, carefully allowing users to paste different types of memorabilia. You can assist people in documenting memorable events by preparing interesting scrapbooks.

15. Gardening:

This Business Plan is lucrative if you have some knowledge about gardening and don’t mind the sun. You can even start a landscaping or horticulture business.

Choose a business wisely

Try to identify your hobbies and passions. Find out which one can be converted into a business. Otherwise, check out the web for Low-Investment Business Ideas and choose one wisely.

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