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13-year-old Indo-American Science Girl Awarded as ‘America’s Youngest Scientist’!

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The future of the world is in good hands. We can safely say that because children today are stepping forward and finding their ground. Proving that future generations would harbor a lot of young and creative minds, a 13-year-old Indo-American girl is doing everyone proud by winning the title of “America’s Youngest Scientist.”

Maanasa Mendu, the Science prodigy, is a student at William Mason High School in Mason, Ohio, and has won the 2016 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge along with the prestigious title.

Her revolutionary development of a Wind Energy Device is what made everyone stand up and take notice. This has also won her a whopping amount of $25,000 as a cash prize.

America’s youngest scientist science prodigy

As per The TeCake, Maanasa developed an innovative technology for generating energy from the leaves of solar light. The leaves produce power from rain, the wind, and the sun by means of a solar cell and piezoelectric material which eventually can be converted into modified forms as per individual requirements. The leaves work exactly like the solar plant which derives its power from nature. The device is designed with highly sophisticated and refined technology, yet in a more affordable manner, and costs only $5.

Inspired by a visit to India and moved by the challenges faced by villagers with limited access to energy and water, she conceived a cost-effective technology to generate both resources.

She owes her inspiration to a visit to India, where she saw villagers suffering from the lack of energy and water due to their low accessibility and high-cost and witnessing this, she got the idea to create a cost-effective technology that will generate water and energy.

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