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13 Things about Autonomous Delivery Robots You May Not Have Known

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What are autonomous delivery robots?

Autonomous delivery robots are the one that provides delivery services as the last mile. An operator monitors and controls remotely the robot when it gets stuck and is unable to resolve itself. There are many things that most people are not aware of. Here they are:

13 things about autonomous delivery robots that may amaze youDelivery Robot Trials and Pilots

1. Autonomous delivery robots are electric. The cargo capacity is 9kg and travels at 4mph speed. The delivery robot features 360-degree vision 10 cameras, GPS navigation, ultrasonic sensors, gyroscopes, measurement units, and more.

2. These delivery robots have a three to four-mile delivery radius, and they travel slower than human delivery. But the ability of the delivery robot is for many hours to work and there is no need for a break.

3. The robots calculate the route as per the satellite imagery and the shortest distance of route details. The route features driveways and crossings with time calculation. The robot factors it into the delivery time and route selection.

4. The future journeys will be faster. Now, it has a wireframe map of crossings, buildings, pathways, statues, etc. Soon, technological innovation will make navigation easier in the vicinity for robots.

Autonomous delivery robots technology innovation 

5. It is comfortable, as there is no shame or guilt. Ordering is easy, and you can order what you want. It is a robot that is bringing your delivery. There is no room for feelings or emotions.

6. The delivery robots cannot climb stairs but can climb curbs. Multistory building customers may not find this appealing. It is the reason the delivery robots are looking for more business opportunities in areas with lower heights. It also includes dense areas.

7. The delivery robots are good for grocery delivery; they deliver anytime, rain or shine, nighttime or daytime. Even in the snow, they enter the campuses.

8. Faster delivery is an assurance for consumers looking for faster delivery. No need to worry about labor shortage to carry out the delivery. Autonomous robots are available to work all day. They also follow the market trends of contactless delivery services.

9. The robots are full of machine vision, cameras, sensors, radar, and more to detect walls and curbs. This technology innovation crosses 80,000 roads daily. They go 27/7 in the snow, heavy rain, and dark.

10. Delivery robots pose human employment a big threat when many are earning their living and are supporting families.

11. New delivery robots built by researchers now climb stairs, and they hit 12.4 miles per hour speed. They lower transportation costs and are more sustainable, creating business opportunities to increase their revenue.

12. The robots operate in less traffic congestion places. It measures 5.6 feet, and its height and width are 3.8 feet. It has six wheels, and it goes on the steps down or up to a height of 7.9 inches.

13. The market trend shows that new autonomous delivery robots are reducing by around 40% of delivery cost. Factors such as lack of parking spaces to unload and load with urban congestion are high. While delivery robots make service efficient and economical in comparison to conventional vehicles. Even the local regulations are making goods distribution factor with high-cost logistics. It is a way of saving the environment with autonomous delivery robots and getting services at any time, any season. There is no need to shell out a few small changes as tips for delivery services.

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