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12 Proven Ways To Get More Likes For Your Instagram Account

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For a video or photo to go viral, we adore receiving likes on Instagram. We all want to earn likes on the Instagram app, whether we have a personal or professional account. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bogus programs floating around online that claim to help you get Instagram likes. Other of them can no longer be discovered, and some programs have even ceased updating. Not to worry! We’ve got your back.

Likes on Instagram continue to be a top signal for many firms, despite being one of the first social metrics to show post-performance. The spectator incurs little expense because all it takes is a double tap. Additionally, an Instagram Like is included in overall engagement statistics.

Even though Instagram is experimenting with removing public Like counts from posts, the statistic will be used internally. Instagram-like deletions has already been tested in several nations. Although the future of public Instagram Likes is now unknown, companies and influencers should note that your analytics will continue to display the numbers.

1. Look to other companies and sectors for inspiration

What sources do you use for inspiration? You will only develop original ideas if you pay attention to your field or social group. Instead, invest some time in looking for motivational examples to emulate. Combine your industry with others closely linked to it and unrelated industries. Even if the clientele differs from yours, you may draw some ideas from their articles’ techniques and apply them to your own.

2. Hold a contest based on likes

Hold a contest based on likes instagram account

Instagram users frequently engage with content that is focused on deals and freebies. Contests are popular among people, and the simpler they are to participate in, the more participation you’ll get.

If you want to host a like-based picture contest, you must make the post a prerequisite for admission. Usually, tagging one or more friends and following the account are the other two criteria. Because a post is such a low barrier to entry, you should expect to get a lot of engagement. If you have been experiencing lower engagement levels for a long time now, then you can buy likes for your Instagram account that will promote your growth.

3. Develop a hashtag plan

Utilizing hashtags to your brand’s advantage is one of the simplest methods to gain attention organically. That doesn’t mean you should spam #top, #incredible, or #hair throughout every post. It entails being picky with your hashtags for both your brand and your sector. Finding relevant material and influencers is simpler when you have a brand hashtag. You may use industry hashtags to keep up with trends in your industry and avoid losing out.

4. Tag the appropriate accounts

Where credit is due, give it. When appropriate, tag the people you work with on the post and in the caption. Consider tagging well-known items or individuals in your photos, for instance. It takes minimal time and offers the creators credit. These tags frequently lead to businesses liking your article and commenting on it.

5. Request tagging a friend

Request tagging a friend instagram account

Have you ever read a post on Instagram that piqued your attention to the point that you wanted to share it with a friend? When this occurs, you typically have three alternatives: copy the URL and text it to them, send it through DM, or tag them in a comment. Asking people to tag a friend with amusing or intriguing material is a simple process. This is the next move, as they would probably tag someone regardless.

6. Add a location tag to your post

Tagging a place ensures that your photo appears when people browse a location, which is very important for travel and retail companies. It shouldn’t require extra time from your publication period and is simple enough to do.

Many Instagram-savvy diners use Instagram to investigate a restaurant’s most extraordinary menu items and beverages. They may quickly locate images of the foods they wish to sample by accessing a site that has been tagged. The location tag will naturally bring in Instagram likes if your material is good.

7. Make your words as compelling as your pictures

Make your words as compelling as your pictures instagram account

We are all well aware of the importance of quality media in attracting a captivated audience. But what about the caption that was included? Avoid skipping over that part of the document or speaking automatically. Your descriptions may be just as intriguing as your pictures if you use the correct language and tone.

Making the creation of quality captions a priority entails setting expectations with your audience. They’ll spend more time on your postings and eagerly anticipate the captions for the upcoming ones. Caption writing is a talent that may be improved over time.

8. Embrace the meme trend

Memes and trends in postings may still produce interesting outcomes when applied intelligently. On Instagram, meme accounts are devoted to particular themes and subjects. Before incorporating this into your account, you must first confirm that the audience you are targeting is the proper one. This indicates that they are familiar with popular culture and frequently use the internet to recognize a meme when they see one. A meme could be more offensive than beneficial for some companies where this kind of comedy isn’t appropriate, so think carefully about your target market before adopting a trend or viral idea.

9. Blend different Instagram content kinds

Instagram’s content genres increased once Stories debuted. Engagement on feed posts decreased simultaneously, which may be relevant. Engagement, however, is just more dispersed among the various kinds of content. The measure has been updated to incorporate post likes, video views, and even story responses.

This implies that you should use the various varieties to your advantage and cross-promote them wherever possible.

10. Post a Lot of Reels

Social media is dominated by short-form video material. You should start immediately if you aren’t using many reels in your Instagram strategy.

The quickest way to become famous on Instagram is by using reels. The Instagram algorithm adores reels, so sharing one will instantly increase your exposure and reach. More interaction will follow if you provide excellent content.

As long as you’re releasing the correct material, including reels in your content strategy can help you become viral. Keep up with the latest trends and aim to provide hot stuff first. Play around with reels and try out new concepts.

11. Utilize Instagram Shopping

Utilize instagram shopping social media

Without leaving the Instagram app, marketers can sell straight to followers via Instagram shopping.

Through sharing your top sellers and making a few transactions along the way, this social commerce function may assist you in growing your fan base. Thanks to Instagram’s store features, people may enjoy the pleasure of shopping rather than the hassle of purchasing.

This is the most accessible way to sell to your followers, and it will increase sales while also getting you many more Instagram likes.

12. Create guides for Instagram

The goal of Instagram Guides, which were introduced in the middle of 2020, was to provide tools or “guides” that would make it simpler for followers to find items or suggestions.

This can include anything published on Instagram, such as goods, influencers, celebrities, companies, etc.

Instagram guides resemble a mashup of blog articles and carousel posts. They enable you to give additional details and can be an effective way to increase Instagram interaction.

Guides let you pull in material from other accounts and allow you to join the group and collect your own Instagram stuff. Instagram Guides is a fantastic way to get likes because this function is neglected.

13. In your bio, promote your brand

In addition to introducing you to new followers, your Instagram bio also has the potential to increase your follower count. An attractive visual introduction to oneself may be found in your Instagram bio. Consider your Instagram bio as an elevator pitch; to be as specific as possible, use the fewest words.


Everyone enjoys seeing their Instagram pictures get likes and double taps. On the Instagram app, likes have always been a vanity measure. While most users strive for a high like count, this only sometimes indicates exciting content.

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