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12 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Point Of Sale

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Define a POS system

A point of sale (POS) is a modern system that includes a card reader, barcode scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer. The modern POS system has a credit card scanner and is the simplest.

12 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Point Of Sale

1. Square

Square pos system point of sale

The Square is useful for retail shops to diners. The versatility of this platform offers a combination of different pricing options making it the overall best accounting software. The plans vary, but the processing fee is the same for the Professional and Performance plan. The Premium plans feature low processing fees. However, the standard features include Barcode scanning, Time tracking, Sales reports, Instagram selling capabilities, etc

Pros – Suitable for online business, integrated payment system, and easily track inventory

Cons- Free option has no advanced features, high processing fees for high volumes

2. TouchBistro

Touchbistro pos system point of sale

TouchBistro is for restaurateurs and boosts sales using cloud-based analytics. TouchBistro software is for the restaurant industry. It has features and tools supporting the operations. It integrates with QuickBooks, 7Shifts, and Sage.

Pros– Easy-to-use, iPad POS system

Cons– Not responsive customer support

3. eHopper

Ehopper pos system point of sale

eHopper accounting software is inexpensive and suitable for any small business owner. eHopper has affordable to pricey software. They offer four plans and integrate processing features of credit cards. You can use eHopper on iPads, and Android tablets and it features various hardware options.

Pros– Affordable POS, works with tablets

Cons– Processing fees on credit cards charged

4. Vend

Vend pos system point of sale

Vend is easy to use Point Of Sale provider. It is compatible and easy to use. Ideal for retail businesses featuring advanced inventory management. All plans give 24/7 support, integrated payments, API access, etc.

Pros– works offline, simple interface

Cons– Becomes expensive on adding registers

5. Shopify

Shopify point of sale

Shopify provides e-commerce entrepreneurs with online shopping services offering digital experience. Virtual features are robust. Shopify’s online business programs cover blogs and e-commerce websites.

Pros– No extra fees, abandoned care recovery

Cons- Only 2 staff can access basic POS

6. Loyverse

Loyverse pos system point of sale

It is a free POS app working with worldwide payment processors. It includes inventory, loyalty, and employee management.

It charges for in-depth integrations, dropshipping business, and reports.

Pros– 24/7 customer support, ease of use

Cons– Does not provide a card reader

7. PayPal Zettle

Paypal zettle pos system point of sale

PayPal, like Square, is scalable and versatile. The processing fees are reasonable and ideal for occasional sales. PayPal Zettle is excellent and is just anywhere online.

Pros– Easy to use, hundreds of integrations

Cons– No offline mode

8. ShopKeep

Shopkeep pos system point of sale

It offers advanced inventory tracking and is the favorite of small business owners. Shopkeep by Lightspeed is suitable for small retail stores such as cafes and specialty shops.

Pros– Inventory reporting features and phone alerts for low stock

Cons– Gift cards acceptance only for upper plans

9. Lightspeed

Lightspeed POS app is for restaurants. It is suitable for small eateries but is not feature-rich. It is good for Android. It offers sophisticated analysis, multiple variants, and Lightspeed inventory features.

Pros– custom quoted hardware

Cons– Expensive plans

10. Toast POS

Toast pos system point of sale

Toast POS is apt for restaurant operations to assist staff, guests, and managers of the food and beverage industry. All this is possible in a single platform and to integrate online orders.

Pros– Array of devices for restaurants, real-time sync, self-service functionality

Cons– Expensive

11. FastSpring

Fastspring pos system point of sale

An ideal tool for websites selling accounting software, digital products, and SaaS. It brings innovative solutions to boost sales and connect clients overseas.

Pros– Secure and privacy maintained, latest technologies

Cons– Nothing specific

12. Clover POS

Clover pos system point of sale

Clover POS is a software and hardware-perfect Point of Sale combo. It is popular with businesses and has different versions for iOS, tablets, and Android phones.

Pros- Offline processing,

Cons– No alerts for low-inventory

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