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12 Best Product Management Tools for Businesses in 2022

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For any organization to achieve success it is important for entrepreneurs to improve Team productivity. Product mangers employed with major software companies use a good number of tools for diverse purposes. It includes gathering feedback, collaborating on product ideas and tracking user behavior, etc.

Top 12 Product Management tools to consider

1. Productboard:

Productboard product management tool

This all-in-one, data-driven tool helps collect feedback, prioritizes tasks and roadmaps. Using this tool, you can easily know where exactly you are heading towards. It allows attaching data in huge numbers to each feature. Future value can also be estimated of each feature, its priority and its difficulty. Dynamic customer segments can also be created.

2. Roadmunk:

Roadmunk product management tool

It is considered to be a flexible, clean and simple road mapping tool that is purpose-built to meet basic road mapping needs. It is easy to use. Simply list down the items desired in the roadmap in table form. For custom values, create columns such as status, owner, date, etc.

3. Saber Feedback:

Saber feedback product management tool

With this customer data platform tool, your site can be embedded with a simple, but highly effective feedback button. Users may use this widget to leave behind written feedback and highlight the area that desire to get your attention.

4. Feature Upvote:

Feature upvote product management tool

Your customers can derive a centralized place where they can submit feature requests. Users may choose to upvote others suggestions or add their own to the board. This way, you can get to know what exactly majority of your customers desire. Accordingly you may prioritize the features.

5. Confluence:

Confluence product management tool

It is among the best Business management software. With this too, you can develop roadmaps and product documentation. Documents may include timelines, tables, rich text, etc. Product managers can avail amazing templates. It includes one for product launches, roadmaps, product requirements, OKRs, competitive analysis, etc.

6. Notion:

Notion product management tool

This versatile use can be used for documentation and tasks. Small teams do find it useful due to its flexibility and simple to use features. You may even create roadmaps, galleries, calendars, lists, tables, documents, etc. with this tool.

7. Dropbox Paper:

Dropbox paper product management tool

This collaborative document-editing customer data platform suits different sized teams. Using this tool, you can define product needs, plan product roadmaps, track milestones within a single document. You can even use any of the pre-built templates. They do have roadmap template, bug tracker, user research report and product spec.

8. FullStory:

Fullstory product management tool

It has less customization options and less granular, thus making it easy to setup. No technical knowledge is desired to gather insight and track data. Besides conversion analysis and user flow, it offers scroll maps, click maps and heatmaps. Individual user sessions can be replayed and highlight areas of improvement.

9. Amplitude:

Amplitude product management tool

It is considered to be strong product analytics tool allowing you to know about your customers’ journey. This Business management software also shows the paths that your users choose before completing any kind of outcome. You may even identify those product leads that help with conversions or cause drop off.

10. Trello:

Trello product management tool

This simply, but highly effective project management solution. With this tool, you can create scrum boards and Kanban. Small teams benefit from using this tool, especially those not desiring any complex system. Board functionality can be improved significantly by installing Trello Power-Ups.

11. Jira:

Jira product management tool

Large teams may use Team productivity Product managers and software developers can benefit from this tool. It offers numerous features. You may do anything like bug tracking, user story maps, backlogs, etc.

12. Asana:

Asana product management tool

This powerful, intuitive, sleek tool offers more functionality if you are currently using Trello or spreadsheets. It also offers features like checklists, calendars, timelines, etc. It can be configured as desired.

You can find a Product Management tool that is designed to increase the overall productivity of your team.

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