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10 Ways to Launch a Marketing Campaign From Scratch

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There are many aspects to marketing campaign, from market research and choosing the right ad placement and design to SEO texts. This takes some skill and a creative approach. 

For those who have never come across such tasks, there is an option to get help from marketing professionals. Indeed, custom writings look better if done by qualified and experienced writers. 

Advertising is expensive. Based on the 2020th statistics, large companies spend more than $250 billion on digital advertising. This has resulted in a variety of platforms that anyone can use to promote their product, service, or business.

Such a variety poses the question of how to choose the right platform to promote business? And how should you create advertising campaigns to attract a large number of potential buyers?

By following the steps below, anyone can easily launch a marketing campaign.

Find the Target Audience

In marketing campaign, the first thing to do is to decide on the audience. Targeting should be based on market research and real-world data from existing customers. Internet users see around 10,000 advertisements per day. So, if set up correctly, your ads can turn up first in search. 

Conduct Market Research

Marketing research is an integral part of any advertising campaign. It can give answers to the main questions about the target audience. The questions to be asked are the following.

  • How old are these people?
  • What is their income level?
  • How do these people spend their leisure time?
  • What social networks do they use?

This information helps decide on a particular ad platform (YouTube/Instagram/Facebook, etc.). Plus, this allows designing ad materials in a more targeted manner, which will increase conversions.

Select Media for Advertising

During the 2nd stage, we created a portrait of the target customer. In the 3rd stage, calculate the costs, ROI, and benefits of the selected options. Some may end up using multiple ad platforms and promoting ads both on social networks and search engines. This is a great strategy, as it gives more visibility.

Decide on a Budget

Spend money to make money. Setting a budget seems difficult. Yet, there are only three aspects to calculate:

• the total budget available;

• how costs are allocated;

• projected return on investment (ROI).

Constant testing is essential for a more competent budget allocation. For example, the sales percentage from social media networks is 50% more than that accounted for by traffic from search engines. Thus, it would be better to allocate more funds to the platform that brings more income.

Create a Recognizable Message

At this point, the target audience, platform, and budget are defined. Now is the time to dive deep and work on what people want to hear about the product (or service). Think about the message in terms of how it can help customers reach their ultimate goals and make their lives better.

Design an Ad

Whether it’s a Google ad or a flashy landing page, all ads require creative design. Most advertisement campaigns comprise the following items:

• short ad text (for images and online ads);

• long ad text (for video scripts);

• photos;

• images and/or gifs with a unique design;

• videos.

All of these materials are relatively difficult to create. Not everyone can be a videographer/writer /designer/photographer rolled into one. That’s perfectly fine. Consider hiring a freelance team or agency to help create this content.

Set Metrics to Track Performance

Figure out what is expected from the ad and campaign in general. In doing so, one needs to set up tools for proper ad tracking.

Today, the best choice is to advertise on the Internet. Yet, for some products, the media would be different. It is better to consider Internet ads as an example. Some platforms like Facebook and Google may have sufficient in-built features to keep track of advertising campaigns. They allow tracking general statistics, the number of interactions, the cost of clicks and transitions, etc.

Regardless of the chosen platform, use online services to track ads automatically. They allow measuring return on advertising investment (ROI) and see how ads fit into larger marketing projects. Configure an offline statistics tracking spreadsheet. There is an option to come up with your tracking markers for links promoted in the ad. This will help analyze engagement and conversions on the website.

Launch an Ad Campaign

When done with the preparatory procedures, it is time to launch the ad for everyone to see.

Needless to say, the process of running ads on Google is different from that on Facebook. There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet on how to work with these. The platforms themselves provide rather detailed instructions for setting up ads display.

Track Ads and Analyze Performance

The main advantage of online advertising is that its effectiveness is shown immediately after launch. Look for ads that deliver good results with minimal investment. Also, filter out those ads and sites that burn funds without noticeable efficiency.

Track ads and analyze performance for marketing campaign

Get Results, Correct, Run Again

There is a marketing misconception that launching ads will be effective for a long time without additional control. Yet, once the marketing campaign is over, the data could still be used to improve existing and future projects. So, keep track.

For example, you realized that conversion rates from video content outperformed conversions from photo ads. Or, the traffic to the website from YouTube is three times the traffic from Instagram. Rely on what worked (or works) and abandon what is unprofitable.


Even total beginners in this matter can launch a successful marketing campaign by using these tips. There are many ways to work with the audience, several platforms, and types of promotional materials. Pick what suits the promoted product best and follow the guidelines. 

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