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10 Ways to Deal with Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2023

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What Is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

A potential customer adding to their cart desired products on the e-commerce app and leaving without completing the purchase is shopping cart abandonment. It may be due to various reasons, distracted customers, price comparison, out-of-stock, and more.

10 Ways to Deal with Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2023

1. Use chatbots for feedback on cart abandonment

Knowing the reason why customers abandon their shopping cars is a way of asking them directly. Asking each person is tedious, but when a customer tries to leave, set an automated chatbot in action. The chatbot should offer real-time assistance and help visitors choose products.

2. Send emails reminding customers of their unfinished purchases

Shopping cart abandonment reveals an unsatisfactory line. Send emails as a reminder of their unfinished purchases. The email template should inform the products waiting in the cart. Inform your customers that in 3-5 days, the order is abandoned or disappear.

Send emails reminding customers of their unfinished purchases shopping cart abandonment

3. Improve Page Load Times

There are many ways to speed up the website and it is crucial. With slow loading, you will lose customers. Look for dedicated e-commerce hosts that assure overall performance and customer satisfaction.

4. Include dedicated plugins to your website

The biggest advantage of online shopping is to have dedicated plugins on your website. It will curb the number of abandonments of shopping carts and is one of the best eCommerce business ideas.

5. Offer shopping assistance via live chat

Live chat is a tool allowing retailers to communicate in real time with shoppers. It helps customers to a great extent in the checkout process. Thus you can reduce the abandonment of shopping. Live chat is on e-commerce platforms. Use the chat to announce special promotions, discount codes, or free shipping. Automate WhatsApp chatbots and Facebook messages.

6. Thumbnails showing shopping cart Items 

People know their purchases. Make sure the thumbnails have every product through the checkout process. Reduce the distraction of shoppers using your entrepreneurship skills. The thumbnails improve the user experience overall on-site. With thumbnails, the click-through rate will bring customers looking for the cart items and increase completed transaction numbers.

7. Improve store navigation

Store navigation should be comfortable, such that they get all the related items in one place or nearby. Looking for soap should include shampoo, body wash, loafers, foot scrubbers, and more. If they have to navigate online for each item, they will abandon the cart. Improve store navigation for the customers to finish shopping. It should promote by giving related suggestions as eCommerce business ideas.

Improve store navigation shopping cart abandonment

8. SMS notifications

The plugins help cart recovery and increase your sales. It is a way of reducing shopping cart abandonment. Sending reminders through sms notifications to users on abandoning carts should be automatic. Customers receiving reminders on the products through messenger notifications will reach the cart. Sms notifications are effectively offering around a 16% recovery rate.

9. Retarget campaigns to bring them to your website

Visitors complete purchases only with a little push. Having contact details of consumers is helpful. Leave an email or retarget on social media. The retargeting campaign works like a reminder when you choose to almost buy something and put it on hold. As entrepreneurship skills, e-commerce businesses feature Google-powered ads to appear on your visitor’s or customers’ every page they visit. Retargeting store visitors is a way for online businesses, and it helps to decide in buying.

10. Offer free shipping

An effective way of increasing sales is by free shipping. It also decreases shopping cart abandonment. Mostly, the cart abandonment at the checkout process is due to additional shipping fees. It creates a difference, and mentioning free shipping on the website offers shoppers an opportunity to continue checkout.

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