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10 Top Ecommerce Customer Acquisition Strategies for 2023

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Online shopping growth had touched significant pace during the pandemic due to prolonged lockdowns. However, even after physical stores opened up, people in general seem to be finding online shopping to be more convenient and beneficial. Also have emerged a lot of ecommerce portals offering niche products at affordable rates. Since online competition has got intense, it has become important for companies to seek proper marketing strategies to attract potential clients.

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About Customer Acquisition Strategy

Business success and growth is directly related to acquiring new customers. Customer Acquisition can be termed to be the process to attract as well as convert potential audience into paying customers. Before shopping, every customer undertakes research. They go through those products that they intend to purchase. They also search for references, reviews, product demonstrations, etc. before finally entering the buying stage. It occurs in both B2C and B2B environments.

Need for customer acquisition strategies and improving user experience

Such strategies are created to attract potential audience and convert them into loyal customers. It includes advertising, partnerships, promotions, marketing campaigns, etc. The objective is to drive sales and earn revenue. Experts perform specific tasks to ensure customers take appropriate action. At the same time, every customer shopping with the ecommerce portal should have satisfactory user experience. Only then will they be interested to come back again and refer the portal to others.

Top ten strategies to implement

1. Paid search:

Microsoft Advertising and Google Keyword Planner can be used to identify keywords meant for paid search. Bid value can be optimized based upon other have been bidding for. The results derived will be shown along with organic results.

2. SEO:

SEO Customer acquisition

The best way to acquire customers will be to use organic search. Identify the search criteria that should show up on Google. Content should be developed based on your site’s search criteria, something that that is done organically. Email marketing software can also be used to reach target audience.

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3. Focus on both Inbound/Outbound:

You need to implement both. Outbound does offer effective results and helps identify high-intent leads. Such opportunities allow immediate closure. Email marketing campaigns can bring positive responses. Use good email marketing software for bulk emailing.

4. Repurpose content:

Long whitepaper can be repurposed into 3-4 blog posts. They can be converted into newsletters and shared with subscribers. They can be used for existing leads as nurture content.

5. Events:

Participating in conferences, exhibitions and tradeshows help promote the brand. It also develops thought leadership surrounding your offerings. You also have the opportunity to directly reach your target segments.

6. Social Media:

For short term strategies, consider social media platforms. It reduces your Customer Acquisition Cost It allows initiating both inorganic and organic content dissemination. Inorganic strategy, although requires some investment will help you reach your target quickly. Social media also allows you to get the contact information and email of your followers

Social Media Customer acquisition

7. Industry Media:

Customer Acquisition strategy is more about identifying potential customers and becoming part of them. It allows your company to be on the decision-makers’ and target segments’ radar always. There are magazines publishing opinion articles and interviews concerning your industry. Here, you have the opportunity to be projected as industry leader.

8. Referrals:

It works like magic to promote Online shopping growth. The reason is people trust those who they know and also consider their opinions as valuable. You should encourage this behavior to get more referrals.

9. Panel Discussions and Webinars:

These are excellent customer acquisition techniques. It helps derive industry experts and customers. Thus, the participant community gains immense value.

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10. Gated content:

Templates, guides, white papers, eBooks, etc. are valuable content sought by modern customers. To avail this information, they are ready to share their contact information and email. Thus, retargeting helps attract more customers to the business.

Implement the strategies wisely!

Go through the above strategies and implement them at the right time to attract more customers to your e-commerce business. These strategies also involve less Customer Acquisition Cost with more gains.

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