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10 Tools That You May Need If You Are A Professional Designer Or Freelancer

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Have you just entered the field of professional design? You should know that you will not be able to spend time efficiently if you do not have the right tools as a freelancer or skilled designer. There are varying demands from clients, which require you to undertake various tasks in a single day. Fortunately, multiple tools enable you to spend more time designing. So, here are some of the tools that would help you use your professional designing skills more efficiently:

1. WordPress is the No#1 Tool to Consider

WordPress is a unique platform that powers a large percentage of the internet. This platform enables you to showcase your great work to your audience, as well as gain recognition among your peers and audience. This can also be a passive income source. Another great advantage of the WordPress site is that it will get you newer clients. WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging.

The only difficult part about setting up WordPress is that it takes a bit of time to set up. A plethora of information would help you go a long way.

2. Aweber

Aweber is a top-quality platform for developing a great email campaign. It also helps maintain great relationships with all your previous, existing, and prospective clients. There are also various other email-building campaigns. As a professional designer or Freelancer, you need to have a long email list to ensure that you reach a higher audience. So, choose Aweber or any other such platform to use most of your email lists.

3. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a platform that enables a company to understand the goals of its business. His main motive is to translate the business goal into quality work. When the company gets more work, how would you, as a professional designer, be able to keep up with it? Professional designers or freelancers must turn to the third toolkit – the Cloud Computing Solution. Freshbooks offers customized invoices similar to the normal billing software. It also helps you integrate a ton of other software platforms. So, you can establish a storage platform that helps you find anything you may need at any time.

4. Fontcloud – Creative Fabrica

Fontcloud is a free online font manager and organizer. Every professional designer or freelancer requires fonts library for organizing their work creatively and artistically. Now, Creative Fabrica offers fonts, crafts designs, and premium content designs as well as machine embroidery fonts.

Users do not have to install the software or download any app for using Creative Fabrica fonts. Another great advantage of using this font manager you do not have to keep updating the software. It gets updated automatically enabling users to work efficiently without any difficulties. This tool assists in increasing the creativity and productivity of professional designers or freelancers and we highly recommend it.

5. Basecamp – Manage the Projects Effectively

Basecamp is a tool that allows professional designers to meet their deadlines more effectively. This is also a great way to collaborate with other teammates and designers. It is also highly useful when it comes to working with web teams and bigger companies. As a professional designer or Freelancer, you must subscribe to it and avail yourself of its great benefits.

6. Communication Tools

Communication tools professional designer

Whether you are a new professional designer or an established professional, you must consider communication tools. To engage with clients, you must choose the right platform. You should have a look at our top-class communication tools. Email is an impersonal communication tool. If you choose a great way to communicate with others, it might help you retain more customers.

7. Tracking Tools

Nowadays, technology is benefiting professional designers and other professionals in various ways. There are designers and developers, who spend numerous hours on a single project. This can lead to disrupting the timelines of other projects. To effectively manage and follow the timeline of the projects, you should track the time by using tracking tools. There are various seamless tracking tools. For instance, CloudWork, Zapier, Basecamp as well as Freshbooks offer high-quality insights into spent hours as well as billed hours.

These tracking tools are available for desktops as well as mobile phones.

8. Adobe Creative Cloud

When it concerns factual design jobs, you should use multiple software systems such as Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, and others. These are the top-class Adobe creative clouds that have enabled professional designers to create inspirational models. Users can now subscribe to the services of Adobe instead of buying the full box. So, keep connected with the Adobe creative cloud to create more impressive and unique work for your company.

9. Balsamiq

Professional designers or freelancers require a tool called the Rapid Wireframing Tool for creating mockups and UI concepts. This is the tool that enables freelancer designers or professionals to collaborate most effectively with their production. This tool enables users to work with other designers, product managers, developers, and clients in real time. This is a premium tool, which costs around $79.

A rapid wireframing tool is a necessary toolkit that every professional designer or freelancer must possess in their toolkit.

10. Social Media Platforms Management – Fotor

A professional designer can deliver the message of his/her company by creating impressive graphics for the company’s social media profiles, Twitter, and Instagram. Fotor is a top choice, which offers an easy-to-use interface and offers free tutorials for professional designers to produce great-quality images. There are also a large number of text-image combinations as well as hundreds of templates.

Fotor offers a unique way to add more to your creative graphics and amazing designs. You must start producing beautiful designs and start beautifying them more by using Fotor. Fotor is our top recommendation.


There are various types of professional design tools for the self-employed, professionals, or freelancers. The above 10 tools only equip the designers with the necessary tools. From building emails, and reaching more customers to creating beautiful graphics, every tool helps in achieving a new milestone for the company. So, use your skills wisely by choosing the tools wisely.

Also, do not forget the WordPress website. It helps you showcase your potential to the world. As a professional, you can showcase the products of your company on a website. So, it will fetch more customers and increase the revenue of the company to a greater extent.

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