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10 of the Best Social Media Marketing Blogs of 2021

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Digital marketing is no more a luxury, but a necessity for all companies, irrespective of its size and industry. There have emerged several Social Media Marketing Blogs that offer precious information on digital marketing techniques. These blogs include topics social media strategies, SEO techniques, and content strategy.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Blogs to follow in 2021

1. Moz

It is considered to be the oldest blog having valuable information associated with SEO and search engine marketing. It engages communities, specializes in a wide range of SEO tools and offers greater clarity. It also offers in-depth knowledge of research and different useful marketing techniques.

2. Hubspot

This blog is popular among those seeking valuable marketing techniques and strategies. It provides customers with example-based high-quality content, which is regularly updated. They also cover inbound customer relationship management, marketing strategies, marketing, sales, etc.

3. Ahrefs

This blog is exclusively created for a novice, a professional or a digital marketer. It boasts of having a wonderful collection of tutorials, opinions and case studies. There is also present quality content posted and updated by bloggers regularly. They cover various digital marketing aspects including SEO basics, SEO tools, website traffic, keyword research, etc.

4. Neil Patel

This is among the top Social Media Marketing Blogs visited by digital media marketing enthusiasts. Neil is an expert in digital marketing and offers valuable tips and solutions. He provides suggestions on how to improve site rankings, drive more traffic, insights into SEO, engage leads, etc. His blog rather offers engaging videos containing useful information combined with podcasts.

5. SemRush

This blog is popular for its expertise and specialization in the field of SEO management. It provides valuable knowledge on SEO, SEM, PPC, Content and Analytics. It is undoubtedly one of the top digital marketing blogs that cannot be missed out. They also have global operations with resources in games, ebooks, events, webinars, podcasts, etc. They are also experts in industry insights, news, eCommerce, social media, etc.

6. Social Media Today

Being among the top Social Media Marketing Blogs, it is known to cover a wide range of interesting and informative topics. It offers useful knowledge on the latest digital strategies/techniques, content marketing, integration and much more. Also are published extensive articles covering digital marketing modules, providing information on different types of topics.

7. Search Engine Land

This wonderful blog platform provides valuable information on topics covering Local SEO, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Marketing, etc. It is known for its superior quality content which is updated regularly. It also has unique qualities and a wide range of resources to boast about. It covers topics related to digital marketing.

8. Backlinko

This blog is an expert in SEO and marketing strategies providing its visitors with valuable knowledge on the related subject. It also offers actionable tips following which any website can be made successful in a month’s time. It also helps to drive more traffic to the website and increase organic search significantly.

9. Search engine Journal

It is another popularly visited digital marketing blog. It boasts of having articles providing in-depth knowledge on various topics to promote services and products. Several experts and skilled writers contribute their ideas, opinions and techniques to ensure SEO success.

10. Marketing Land

It is considered to be “Search Engine Land’s” sister site and covers extensively digital marketing areas. This blogging platform contributes to new trends, announcements, product changes, latest updates, blog articles and much more.


The above are the top 10 Social Media Marketing Blogs that one should seek in 2021. Following them is sure to every business to achieve quick success.

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