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10 Exciting Gifts for any 12-Year-Old Boy Out There

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Choosing a gift for a 12-year-old is so much more difficult than any adult out there.

You have to think like a child when you are buying gifts for them.

Boys love gaming gifts or gifts that help them stay outdoors or that are currently in trend.

If you are searching for any good gifts for teenagers, then you have come to the right place.

We have made a list of 10 gifts that any 12-year-old teenager will love.

1. Football

If your teenage boy is into football, then this gift might be perfect for him.

You can give him this football to encourage him from playing outdoor games rather than staying indoors and watching the screen all day.

This football is pretty good and also allows the teenager for some sport activity with his friends.

It is a great gift for your young boy to engage in outdoor activities.

Football 12 year old boy gifts

2. Gravity Maze

If he is older than 12 years then he might know how to solve puzzles.

It is known that puzzles help build the brain strong and also helps you to improve your thinking capacity.

At a young age, you want your child’s brain to be sharp and also be very intelligent.

This gravity maze has 60 challenges that come in a total set to help improve your child’s brain power.

3. Tie-Dye Kit

If your kid is into art and he loves tie-dye or making DIY stuff, then this is the perfect gift for him.

This Tie Dye Kit has vibrant colors and is easily microwavable.

It only takes 10 minutes for any child to create a good DIY thing with this kit.

He will love this birthday gift as now he can be as creative as he wants to.

4. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Some children love to solve daily puzzles or riddles on the back of a newspaper.

This book contains 300 difficult riddles so now they don’t have to wait for a newspaper daily.

These difficult riddles will help them improve their brain power and also help them to solve the puzzles or riddles.

This is the best gift for any 12 years old who loves puzzles.

5. Nintendo switch

Boys love to play video games, so why not gift them one?

This Nintendo switch has so many games and you can carry it anywhere you want like a friend’s house or anywhere.

You can play any game you want using the consoler, and his friends will also be impressed with him.

This is the best gift and he will be very lucky to get this gift.

6. 22 inches Skateboard

Skateboards are a must-have for any 12 years old.

This skateboard can be used when he needs to go to a friend’s house or school.

This will be a nice travel ride and he can also use it to learn professional skateboarding if he is interested.

22 inches skateboard 12 year old boy gifts

This is the perfect gift for your teenage boy.

7. Music Beanie

Teenagers love to listen to new music and songs from different artists.

This beanie is a Bluetooth headphone and can be connected to any of your devices.

It keeps you warm and you can hear music from it too.

Don’t worry about the size, it fits all.

Give this unique beanie music player to your teenage boy who loves music, he is going to love this gift.

8. LED Strip Lights

As the boy is going into a teenager zone, he might need to re-do his room or add some decorations to it.

These LED strip lights can be used to make the room funky.

These lights can change into so many colors and you can decorate it with anything you want.

These strip lights can also be used to organize a fun birthday party at anyone’s house.

Any 12 years old will love to have these lights in his room or get this as a gift.

9. 80-piece art set

If your young boy loves drawing, painting, or sketching then this set will be loved by him.

This 80-piece set has everything a person needs to draw, sketch, or paint.

It has color pencils, an eraser, water paints, crayons, etc and your boy will love this set.

It makes a perfect birthday gift for any art lover.

10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Building Kit

If he is a harry potter fan or not, every 12-year-old child will appreciate this gift.

This set has every character of the Harry Potter series and you can recreate scenes from the movie too.

It has a spiral staircase, houses, etc everything that the original movie has in its scene.

This gift is the perfect gift for any young boy who loves the Harry Potter Series.

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