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09 Best Enterprise Data Storage Companies For 2022

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In the current digital age, the concept of “Data” is crucial. The necessity for organizing and storing data is growing every day, regardless of whether the organization is a company, industry, clinic, or academic institution.

In this article, we are going to enlist the 10 best enterprise data storage companies for 2022.

1. pCloud

Pcloud enterprise data storage companies

pCloud is one of the most popular cloud storage companies. Located in Switzerland, both individuals and corporations can benefit from its services. For hosting, synchronizing, and working together on files, pCloud offers a comprehensive and secure platform.

It has created simple tools that are aimed at assisting you to manage and improve the workflow.

2. Zoolz

Zoolz collaboration software company

The cloud storage and collaboration software company, Zoolz, provides individuals and small-to-medium-sized enterprises with cost-effective and safe cloud-based solutions. It offers inexpensive backup & archiving at the cheapest rates, smart cloud backup with AI & eDiscovery services, and a variety of BigMIND Partner Programs.

Devices running iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS are supported. More than 3 million people use it worldwide.

3. BigMIND

Bigmind cloud-based storage

BigMIND Home is a cloud-based storage option that uses machine learning to make it simple to find, retrieve, and store all of your sensitive data. Devices running iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS are supported.

Your images, videos, and information can be centrally stored and automatically backed up. Zoolz offers cost-effective and secure cloud storage options.

4. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft azure data storage companies

Microsoft Azure is one of the top-quality data storage companies. This specific business is adaptable and supports not only space for storage but also the Internet of Things, multimedia, smartphones, the internet, statistics, content delivery over a network, security with management, and data development.

5. AWS

Aws collaboration software service provider

AWS is a great-quality collaboration software service provider. It offers cloud storage services for archiving and app compliance needs. It is well-known for information storage, cryptography, and access management and is a sister company to the vibrant Amazon e-commerce platform.

6. Dell EMC

Dell emc cloud storage services

Memory, data security, analytics, virtualization, and cloud computing solutions are all provided by Dell EMC. After discontinuing its operations in the previous industry, Dell turned to cloud storage services to continue operating in the market.

7. Polarbackup

Polarbackup cloud backup service

The GDPR and privacy-compliant cloud backup service are Polarbackup. Everyone may use this strong and economical cloud backup enterprise systems service. The files can be stored indefinitely. It has desktop agents and a web console.

Internal, external, and network equipment can all be backed up. Numerous cutting-edge features will boost efficiency. It takes advantage of cutting-edge AWS technology.

8. PureStorage

Purestorage cloud storage vendor

PureStorage is another best-quality cloud storage vendor and service provider. Solid storage products are the company’s main business. They have recently started developing a variety of products. It is one of the top data storage firms because of its high-speed data storing technique.

09. Cloudian

Cloudian data storage companies

In addition to S3 compatibility and collaboration software, Cloudian is one of the best autonomous cloud storage vendors of object storage systems. The company’s flagship product, HyperStore, offers economy, adaptability, and agility inside the data center. Additionally, businesses may store, locate, and safeguard objects and file information between sites thanks to Cloudian’s data fabric design.


All categories of businesses are carefully considering their data storage needs.

According to research, the majority of firms use HDDs for their primary data storage, led by cloud services. The majority of organizations, however, intend to switch to cloud storage within the next two years. So, you should go through the above list of the 10 best enterprise data storage companies for 2022.

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