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Home Technology Dubai Targeted to Reduce electricity bills with smart flowers

Dubai Targeted to Reduce electricity bills with smart flowers

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DUBAI: Residents can now add smart flowers to their private gardens to generate solar power and reduce power bills, the Dubai Municipality announced on Wednesday.

The civic body launched the first Smart Flower in front of the municipality headquarters, vowing to add more across public parks in the emirate.


Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of the Dubai Municipality, said the 2.31-Kilowatt peak (Kwp) flower generates 17 Kilowatt-hour (Kwh) power per day – enough to power up to 250,000 Dubai Lamps in one year.

“We aim to create solar cells and produce renewable energy through a beautiful structure to add beauty to the city,” said Lootah.

He added that the new project is launched in line with other smart initiatives, mainly Dubai Lamp, recently launched to generate 200 lumens through only one watt. Dubai Lamp, an initiative launched by the municipality last year, made it mandatory for all buildings to use LED lights. He said the key is to increase reliance on sustainable energy and adopt it as a way of life.

Ali Gargash, manager of manufacturing company Zohal renewable energy, said the flower generates 6,000 kWh per year – enough to power your majlis (place of sitting) every day.

He added that the solar panel with built-in sensors allow the flower-shaped device to automatically track the rays of sunlight and re-orient itself, which results in much higher efficiency of up to 23 percent, and 60per cent self-utilization as compared to traditional roof-top solar systems. “The flower takes up an area of 5 square meters, yet generates energy equivalent to 32-square meter panels,” he said.


Gargash noted that the flower, which costs about $18,000 (Dh66,000) to add in a private garden, opens up in the best times of the day to generate electricity.

“It features a controller that positions its petals to the sun. Its wind sensors shut the petals down if there’s a strong wind. If the wind is coming from a specific direction, the flower will tilt to protect itself,” noted Gargash.

The solar panels, which are expected to make houses produce their own energy and reduce electricity bills, also have a self-cleaning setting. The coming phases will add a Wifi connection and charging points for smartphones and tablets.


The Dubai Municipality has been focusing on renewable energy by adding solar trees and smart palms in most of the public parks and beaches. Smart flowers and solar trees are listed to design the new parks opening soon.

Article Originally Written by Sherouk Zakaria | Originally Appeared at Khaleejtimes

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