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Thursday, May 28, 2020
Home Startup Spoors - Revolutionising the field service management landscape driven by data

Spoors – Revolutionising the field service management landscape driven by data

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Spoors is a flexible, domain-agnostic, self-serviced, cloud-based solution that helps businesses maximize productivity using enterprise workflow and activity management. a one-stop shop for enterprises aiming to build a futuristic, mobile workforce and it allows for rapid configuration, deployment, re-configuration, and re-deployment of forms and workflows on the fly. Team aimed to maximize productivity & to become the enterprise workflow/activity management partner all domain


Spoors is an extremely agile self-service solution that fits any domain and can go live with the process in less than 30 minutes for any number of users. They are currently offering product called EFFORT+ stands for Effective Field Force Optimization Reporting Toolkit and they call it a kit cos it has many nifty features that enable productivity improvement individually the moment a client is onboarded!

Even it also works in an offline mode without data connectivity as field personnel often work in zones where there is no data connectivity and have been regulating vast market of enterprise workforce, particularly in India with potential corporate clients are more than 120 companies including national and international companies. Few of our High Valued Clients are Mahindra Finance, L&T Finance, Siemens, Make My Trip, Godrej Agro, Goibibo, Redbus, Xerox, Global Pharma, JK seeds, Neospark, Pick Me, Vasu Group, etc.


The Company Founded by Ramakrishna ‘Ram’ Chiniarlapalla.  He has worked with various companies in India & the US. In 2005, after a stint with Intel, he returned to India to work as Business Intelligence Director at Microsoft in Hyderabad. Around this time, the idea for Spoors germinated when he witnessed an overall negligent attitude in vendors across sectors. In 2010, he launched Ayansys – his first entrepreneurial venture that provided custom mobile solutions packaged to meet business requirements. In 2012, he started working on Spoors and in April 2013, the company was formally registered.

The idea evolved over multiple discussions with friends and co-founder Tiru to its current versatile activity management avatar, Said Mr. Ramkrishna

The idea for the company came about when Ramakrishna ‘Ram’ Chiniarlapalla returned to India in 2005 after working in the US. He noticed the blatantly indifferent and lackadaisical attitude among vendors and service providers across sectors. This is when Ram realized there was a need to build a monitoring and reporting solution that would enable employers track the progress of their service personnel anywhere, anytime.


The idea for the company slowly evolved over Ram’s multiple discussions with friends, and later, Spoors’ co-founder and CTO Tiru Rao Boka. Though the background work on the company began in July 2012, Spoors was formally registered in 2013. Vijay C joined the leadership as the company’s COO in 2014, while Ramanan Subramani joined as their Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) by late 2016.

To build a monitoring and reporting solution that would enable customers/employers to monitor the progress of service personnel from anywhere anytime.  


Tirumala (Tiru) Rao Bokka (CTO) has managed to revolutionize the platforms by developing the technology allowing customers to easily obtain relevant functionalities. the idea for Spoors germinated when he witnessed an overall negligent attitude in vendors across sectors. In 2010, he launched Ayansys – his first entrepreneurial venture that provided custom mobile solutions packaged to meet business requirements and Mr. Vijay ( C.O.O) Responsible for leading the execution of strategies developed by the top management, Vijay has ensured Spoors has flourished with his strategic leadership and effectiveness in doing day-to-day, hands-on directing and leading of the business, and direct and teach and coach others. He gives utmost commitment to develop and implement the strategic and company’s growth objectives and goals.

” The Team seeks for every organization to increase their productivity. The way to achieve the same is to try out softwares likes that of ours that can provide them accessibility to real-time data which can clearly have an impact on their business growth and profitability.


Cloud companies follow a different scheme of operation and generally it takes time for an organization of our stature to breakeven. We are a 4 year young company and still have a long way to go and have set ourselves a target of 2019 to be the most sought after activity management platform across geographies.

We are currently in touch with some marquee investors and talking to people who resonate with our idea of making every organization productive. Hence we are selective about who we approach for funding. To increase the capabilities within the platform and also to reach global scale we are seeking 2-3 million USD infusion to get our product available to most of the organizations (irrespective of size) across the world.”  Said Mr. Ram Founder & C.E.O.


…It’s from Spoors Team 

Choose an agonistic platform that provides you the flexibility to configure and play around with processes. Invest in defining processes to derive the most out of any function that involves software tools. Ultimately process owners should be empowered with tools that they can configure themselves and evolve with the business dynamics. Our platform endorses the principles of #ThePowerOfNow and hence the fluidity of the platform, that allows for organizations to change digitized processes as the businesses evolve and grow!

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