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Friday, July 3, 2020
Home Startup Eduwamp-Disrupting the way you search for coaching: A complete solution for coaching...

Eduwamp-Disrupting the way you search for coaching: A complete solution for coaching institutes

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Eduwamp provides overall authentic details of coaching institutes ranging from contact details to infrastructure images, currently based in Indore. A search engine working on a backend priority algorithm which helps students make an informed decision before joining a coaching class. For now, Eduwamp provide a free listing to all institutes making it a valuable product for students.

Eduwamp also works on the B2B side where it provides a complete technical support to coaching institutes to automate all the processes in a class by providing services like back office support(ERP) for student database management and customizable online test service so that coachings can convert their printed paper to online mock. These services are rolled out after realizing that there are numerous classes who are still dependent on tedious excels and on paper approach.

Eduwamp strives to be a complete solution to all the coaching institutes and the students who study in there.

Eduwamp journey 

The founders of Eduwamp shares their story with Tycoonstory which started one single day when the idea came to one of them that Coaching Searching in India is highly unregulated and it needs to be changed with some value addition.


A basic idea of listing coaching institutes of the city turned into a platform where students can get all the information of institutes. Along with this Eduwamp has also started providing services to coaching institutes in the form of back office support and customizable online test series. All the co-founders are students of IET DAVV Indore and aims to make coaching search easy and informed for students and also make each and every small medium coaching automated and digitized for easing out processes.

It’s been a journey of perseverance full of ups and downs but the idea of bringing a change gives all the strength.

Life with Eduwamp?

To be frank as college students we all were doing same things youngsters do in college. But working on Eduwamp changed it all. Entering into a professional world and doing serious things, working 24X7 to make things happen is what we do now. It’s not bulky but we love every bit of what we do in here.

So much learning experiences and a totally different lifestyle with a new goal set every day were the things we got. Analyzing real life problems and delivering solutions to the market is what we do at Eduwamp.


Users Satisfy with Eduwamp

Eduwamp works by having regular feedbacks from its customers may it be the search engine for students or the services to the coaching institutes. It provides overall solutions to their problems by delivering our services leveraged with technology.

Our customers are basically coaching institute owners and the users are students too for whom we add a value product. Said by Eduwamp Team

With everything turning digital these days coaching classes also need to automated soon to move along with time. Eduwamp provides overall technical support to them so that they can every child learn well and also their working easier. A back office support handling admissions and technical support for customizable test series are being market validated and running successfully in the city. Students look for coaching details in Eduwamp to ease out their field work. Till date, Eduwamp has covered over 200 classes in the city Indore.


Seeking Investment

Currently, Eduwamp is totally bootstrapped working from the founders’ pockets and are looking for investment too as this is the product for the masses and needs proper marketing for acceleration and scalability.

Eduwamp generates revenue from the services it provides to the coaching institutes and with a secondary revenue model too.

Last Touch

With this story, I would like to say that it is not easy to do a startup but what’s the adventure if it is easy. Be patient and have a belief in your idea it will succeed…. Shweta Verma, Co-Founder|Eduwamp 

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