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HomeTipsHow Relocation Assistance Minimizes Turnover When Companies Relocate

How Relocation Assistance Minimizes Turnover When Companies Relocate

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Whether your company is relocating to another city, state, or country, one issue you are sure to encounter is a high employee turnover.

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That is understandable, as many of your employees will have other commitments while others simply will not want to begin a new life elsewhere.

However, you will want to minimize the turnover as much as possible to ensure you retain your top talent and do not need to spend valuable time and money training new starters.

By using a relocation assistance provider, you can lower the number of employees who leave when you relocate.

With Relocation Assistance, Moving Home Becomes Easier and Less Stressful

When you use a destination service provider to help with relocation, it can make various elements of the relocation process smoother for your relocating employees. And when your employees are taken care of during the move process, more will stay on board.

For instance, with the help of a professional relocation assistance provider, relocating workers can eliminate the stress that comes with selling their homes and finding and buying new ones.

Relocation Assistance International relocation process

When your company goes with an established relocation assistance program, your employees can gain help in finding a home in their new location within a budget that they can afford.

Relocation assistants can even help employees negotiate prices and handle any paperwork involved with the process.

When your workers know such needs are taken care of, they are more likely to stay with your company and embrace the move.

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Providing Help with Childcare Can Minimize the Turnover of Employees Who Are Parents

Staff members who have children may be less willing to relocate. But you can minimize the turnover of employees who are parents when you use a relocation assistance program to help with things like daycare.

For instance, relocating employees could need their children to be in daycare for longer during the moving process or need to find alternative childcare arrangements.

When a company’s relocation assistance program helps to cover the cost of daycare or connects employees with caregivers or provides on-site daycare programs at both the current and new location, you can help to minimize turnover.

International Moves Become Easier with Relocation Assistance Providers

Relocating to another country comes with a whole set of additional challenges that put off some employees from moving. So, the easier you make the international relocation process, the more likely you are to lower your turnover.

By using the services of an experienced and established relocation assistance provider, the third party can take care of all those stressful and time-consuming things, like getting visas and work permits and ensuring immigration regulations are met.

Understanding the requirements for moving to another country can be very difficult and stressful without the help of an experienced professional. But when your company uses a relocation assistance provider, things like registering documents and renewing visas become much simpler.

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In turn, you can retain more of your workers as your company moves.

The Incentive of Flexible Working Hours Can Minimize Turnover

If you really want to minimize turnover and retain your best employees when your company relocates, it is a good idea to offer flextime to relocating employees, before and after the move.

That is because relocating can majorly disrupt moving employees’ schedules; especially if they have families.

By enabling your relocating employees to work flexibly, they can better adjust to their new location, get the kids to their new school on time, and not have to worry about being late for the office.

It can take time and effort to set up a flextime program. But a relocation assistance provider can help you to implement flexible working options for relocating employees

In turn, you can increase the number of workers who decide to relocate.

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