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3 Essential Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Travel Umbrella

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No matter how much time you spend packing and preparing for a trip, one of the things you can’t control is the weather. It often happens that as soon as you step outside into the sunshine, the sky turns dark, opens up, and the rain starts to pour. As such, it is always essential to make sure there is a Repel Umbrella tucked in your bag to ensure protection from the rain.

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Here are three essential aspects to consider when deciding on an umbrella that is right for you.

Color options

Experienced travelers usually opt for luggage in a bright color or pattern. They can easily spot their bags at the airport, pick them and get out faster. If you worry about losing track of your umbrella after a business meeting or when dining at a new hotel, you can choose one in a bright color or pattern. That allows you to identify it in the umbrella stand easily. In addition, when you pick the right color, you may prevent others from walking away with your umbrella.

Color options Bright-colored umbrellas

Travel umbrellas come in so many different colors and patterns. Bright-colored umbrellas are ideal for kids since they keep them happy and make it easier for parents to watch.

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Conventional umbrellas feature a manual opening. You will need to push down on a switch located on the handle and then slide the metal pole up and away from the handle to open one. These are hard to open and require both hands, something you may not have available when you are surprised by sudden rain.

That is why it’s advisable to look for an umbrella with automatic openings. These umbrellas have a button on the handle instead of a switch. You simply press on that button, making the metal pole slide out and extend out of the umbrella. When it is time to close your umbrella, you will use that same button.


Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts count every item they put in their travel bags. They understand that excess weight may slow them down or wear them out. Even though you enjoy spending time indoors while on vacation and don’t plan on hiking, you should still consider the weight of your bag.

Umbrellas that are too much heavy can make your bag feel so weight that you might need to head back to the hotel before checking out all the places you wanted to see. The best travel umbrellas weigh about one pound or less, but mostly you will find some that are a bit heavier.

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Depending on where you travel, you might find that you encounter more rain than you expected. Some cities experience quite a bit of rain, so it is good to be always prepared.

You cannot always rely on jumping right in a cab or other forms of transport to avoid the rain since you may need to rush across the street to catch a train or stand and wait to hail down a taxi. Furthermore, cabs in cities fill up quickly when the rain starts to pour. An umbrella from repelumbrella.com gives you the protection you need from the rains and can protect you against the sun too.

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