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What is a Cross Number Puzzle?

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Life can sometimes become overwhelming. Therefore, it is wise that you find a release form to help keep sane and healthy for another day. Experts recommend puzzles as an affordable and healthy escapism strategy for any gamer. The good thing is that there are dozens of puzzle types to suit the various fans’ needs and preferences.

A cross number puzzle is one perfect example. It is similar to a crossword puzzle, only that, in this case, the entries are numbers. As is typical with other puzzle types, the puzzler gives you a hint, and it is upon you to analyze the clue and come up with possible solutions until you find the one that fits the description.

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Cross number clues

Creating cross number puzzles is not a one-day affair as the clues need to add, and the final puzzle satisfies the set rules.

Ideally, the puzzler should try to make perfect sense of the puzzle without referring to the answers. Alternatively, computer programs help make sense of the puzzle, though they do not tell the puzzle’s difficulty level.

Some of the commonly used clue types include;-

Using general knowledge

These types of clues are mostly used for educational cross numbers. Most cross number enthusiasts agree that general knowledge clues should be rarely be used. However, it would be almost impossible to solve a cross number puzzle without these types of clues.

That is because you have to figure out this clue first before proceeding to find other solutions. Alternatively, you could try a different approach. Instead of finding complete answers, as is the case with crosswords, you could narrow down individual cells’ probabilities.

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General knowledge clues help you find the number directly. A perfect example is “Date of the Black Death Plague.”

Arithmetic clues

Get your basic math training and refine your skills by playing these types of puzzles. The puzzler asks simple mathematics questions on addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction, with the answer being the solution. E.g., 23 times 9 or any other mathematical fact.

Algebraic clues

Some cross number puzzles utilize algebraic expressions with various letters representing unknown values. Example A = 2D, where neither of the letters is known to the solver in advance.

Real-world situations

Here is a unique type of clue where the puzzle tests your knowledge of real-life situations, such as the time taken to travel from London to Hong Kong.

Relate to another clue

In some instances, the puzzler may decide to shake things up a bit by relating one solution to your answer in a different question in a non-determinate way. For example, 5 across with its digits rearranged.

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Refer to another clue

Other times, the puzzler may refer you to another clue. E.g., 7 across may be clued as ‘See 12 down,’ which reads ‘7 across plus 6.’

In summary

Like crosswords, cross number puzzles get you hooked! They are entertaining, logic-based, and mind-stimulating. The puzzler provides clues, which you will, in turn, use to complete the puzzle.

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