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Top 7 Largest Finance Companies in the World

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Business Growth is desired by every organization irrespective of the domain it belongs to. The same holds true for finance firms. The top ones are contributing towards stellar growth. By this year end, financial services industry is expected to cross $26.5 trillion.

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Top 7 Finance Companies

1. Ping An Insurance Group:

Ping An Insurance Group Finance Companies

This Chinese holding conglomerate offers financial, banking and insurance services. It is the biggest insurer in China and also among the largest financial firm by revenue. Revenues in 2018 managed to cross $163.6 billion and it holds 7+ trillion asset values. It was established in Shenzhen about three decades ago. It is also among the top 50 firms in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

2. Berkshire Hathaway:

Berkshire Hathaway Finance Companies

Warren Buffet is the owner of this American MNC conglomerate whose headquarters is based in Omaha, Nebraska. By revenue, it is the world’s largest financial services firm. Its revenue was $247.5 billion. The company’s revenues are derived from minority stake or wholly owning in several top tier companies. This company was established way back in 1839. Its asset value is $707.8 billion and boasts of having over 389,300 employees. It offers numerous services including fixed deposits.

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3. AXA:

AXA Finance Companies

This French MNC insurance firm has its headquarters in Paris. It has managed to create its imprint especially in financial services, global insurance and investment management. Its revenues were $11.3 billion. Besides this, its asset value is $1+ trillion. This company was established way back in 1816. Its asset value is over $1,008 billion and has over 125,934 employees. It does offer diverse services and products including Mutual Fund schemes.

4. Allianz:

Allianz Finance Companies

It is considered to be the very first German firm to be listed among the largest financial services firm by revenue. Its total asset value is over $973 billion while annual revenues are over $143.9 billion. This European MNC financial service has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. According to surveys conducted by Forbes, it is the largest insurance firm in the world. It serves its clients in many countries including Germany, Belgium, Australia, the USA, Canada, etc. This firm also specializes in insurance and asset management. It was established in 1890. It has over 147,268 employees.

5. ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China):

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Finance Companies

This MNC banking firm is considered to be the world’s largest bank. This state-owned enterprise was established in Beijing in 1984. It specializes in three major types of services like investment, financial and banking services. It also helps provide soft loans for Business Growth. By assets, it is the world’s largest bank having total assets of over $4.03 trillion. Its total revenue is over $105.4 billion. Its employees number 453,048.

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6. JP Morgan Chase:

JP Morgan Chase Finance Companies

This American MNC investment banking firm was established in 1799 with its headquarters in New York City. It was originally named ‘Bank of Manhattan Company’. It is considered to be the world’s 3rd largest hedge fund. It also offers Mutual Fund schemes and other financial services. Its total assets are worth over $2.68 trillion, while annual revenue was $105.4 billion. It is among the major four American banks along with Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Bank of America. It was established in 2000 and has over 256,981 employees.

7. China Construction Bank (CCB):

China Construction Bank Finance Companies

It is among the major four banks to be counted among the largest in China. It was established in 1954 in Beijing and has branches spread across the globe. By assets, it holds about $3.3 trillion and considered to be the world’s second largest bank. By revenue, it has over $95 billion. Total number of employees is around 345,971.

Getting to know the above details can help common people, investors and business professionals to gain better insights into the world’s leading Finance Companies.

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