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Home Research New Player Lands on the Tactical UAV Platform

New Player Lands on the Tactical UAV Platform

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The Horlytsya UAV, a tactical UAV, developed by the Ukrainian Antonov state enterprise for reconnaissance missions in support of the country’s ground forces. The first flight has been completed by its prototype.

It is informed by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov that numerous applications can be fulfilled by this tactical UAV such as reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting by using air to ground missiles. This Unmanned aerial vehicle gives the endurance of 7 hours with the maximum operating altitude of 5 thousand meters and the range above the 1000 kilometers.


Further, he added “As soon as we optimize semi-strategic level, the next step is strategic level UAV development,”

As per the defenseworld.net, the Horlytsya is the first domestic air vehicle, which has capabilities to perform combat tasks. Nowadays, these types of air vehicles are producing by numerous countries such as the United States, Israel, Italy, France, China, and Turkey. The development of similar air vehicle requires at least five years and millions of dollars investments.

The purpose of this UAV designing was to support Ukrainian Ground forces in conducting the day and night reconnaissance under all weather situations and transmitting the received data to the command post. Compared with other air vehicles, this UAV provides good endurance – not less than 7 hours, and capable of conducting the reconnaissance through the electro-optic and infrared sensor with target tracking capabilities.


The given UAV enables to develop operational communications and reinforce fight units that perform errands in the key significance of the enemy. It is a part of a vital unmanned aviation complex that will include four drones of this sort, a ground control station and workplaces for moving and landing aircraft, transportation, and repair.

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