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Home Marketing What is Technical SEO?

What is Technical SEO?

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Technical SEO:

Technical SEO refers to the server and website optimization and improvement of technical aspects of SEO. This increases the rank of the website in the search engine result pages (SERP). Technical SEO enhances the speed of the website, makes it easier to crawl, and indexes the website more effectively. So, Technical optimization does not only improve the position of a website in the search engine but also enhances the functionality of the website.

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Characteristics of the Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an on-page SEO, which is different from the off-page SEO. Technical optimization improves the elements on your website so as to acquire the higher rankings. The following are the top characteristics of Technical SEO:

1. Technical SEO is Fast.

website speed

Presently, people do not wait for a page to load for more than a few seconds. In the year 2016 already, research had shown that 53% of the mobile website visitors leave the website if it does not open within three seconds. If the website is working slowly, people get irritated and move to another website. Due to lagging, you miss all the traffic. The undertaking of technical SEO improves the functionality of the website and its position on the SERPs.

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2. Technical SEO makes Your Website Crawlable.

To spide/crawl your website, search engines use crawlers. A fantastic internal linking structure ensures that crawlers understand the important content on your website. Possibilities of the crawling should be made crawlable.

There are many ways in which robots are guided. For example, you can block the crawlers from accessing the content you do not want to get reported. You can also allow the crawlers to access a page, but block them from showing the page in the result pages. Thus, a great linking structure on the website is formed to make the crawlers understand the important things on your website.

3. Technical SEO Creates Structured Data.

Technical SEO uses the mechanisms to create structured data on your website. When the data is structured, it helps search engines in understanding the product and its niche you are trying to sell on your website. It gives you the opportunity to give all the different kinds of details about the products to the website developers.

Yoast SEO has free data structures blocks that facilitate in structuring the data well.

Why Technical Optimization of the Website Should Be Undertaken?

Technical Optimization of the Website

Search engines do not send users to dead-end websites. Google and different search engines aim at offering their users with excellent results for their query. To achieve this end, robots of the Google crawl and evaluate web pages on multiple factors. Some factors are related to the user’s experience, such as page-loading time. Other factors evaluate the basic purpose and idea of your page content.

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It is a misconception that technical details of the website should undertake optimization of the website for pleasing the search engines. A website should be loaded with features that make it fast, easy to use, and clear for your end-users. Fortunately, the undertaking of the technical foundation often coincides with the creation of a better and improved user experience for users as well as search engines.

So, technical optimization is important for improving your rank in the search engine result pages and inviting more visitors to the website. When the visitors enjoy the improved user experience, they return as well as recommend your website to others. Thus, the technical SEO of the website increases your sales and revenue.

Technical SEO should be undertaken by all websites to improve its services, which increase the leads, sales, and revenue of the website.

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