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Top Three Trending Smartphone Models of 2020

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It is quite evident that smartphones are the most commonly used personal technology. Almost everyone has a smartphone. And, this is why you should be careful with the kind of smartphone you choose. The trend behind smartphones and gadgets is changing rapidly. There are so many interesting factors to consider before buying a smartphone. You must keep a close eye on the operating system, storage, camera, and design before picking a phone. Above all, you will be tempted to read a hundred reviews about the phone too!

With this being said, here are some of the most famous and trending smartphone models of all time.

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#1 Apple

Apple phone smartphone models

The talk about trending smartphone models will be incomplete without Apple. This brand is known for producing the most stylish, durable and versatile camera phones. All year-round, you will have a reason to buy an Apple smartphone.

Though the Apple devices are expensive, people are willing to pay for its elegant and classy design. These are flagship phones that boast of impressive features. For instance, the cameras in Apple iPhones cannot be found in any other brand or model. These are exceptionally unique! Also, you will be able to use the phone’s powerful hardware without worrying about battery life.

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#2 Samsung

Samsung Android smartphone

If you are looking for a trending Android smartphone, you might be thinking about Samsung. Indeed, this brand changed the way we see Android smartphones. These phones are loaded with many features. And, Samsung is known for making the most powerful Android phones of all time. If you are aiming for unique Android experience, Samsung should be your choice. For instance, the most sophisticated phone from Samsung has options like the Aura Glow. This phone is absolutely big and has so much screen space for you to work on!

#3 Google

Google smartphone models

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Moving on, if you are aiming for high-performance smartphones, you might find the Pixel from Google impressive. This smartphone features one of the best-operating systems in the industry. The processor and screen make it a joy to use the phone.

Google has always ventured into artificial intelligence. And, it’s Pixel is a way of testing the brand’s AI capabilities. Additionally, the company invests lots of time and effort into features like software updates, security, software architecture and design. As you use the phone, you will appreciate all these aspects of the pixel.

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