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Monday, August 3, 2020
Home Business Running a Business: Surviving the Florida Scene

Running a Business: Surviving the Florida Scene

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The Florida scene is unique for businesses. The number of residents changes with the seasons and businesses can flounder if they rely on the tourists and snowbirds of winter to sustain them for the rest of the year. Running a business in Florida requires planning and getting to know your target demographic.



Adjust to the Changing Seasons

Three of the Top 10 destination for spring break is in Florida. Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale get packed with college kids, but only for a few months. Once spring is over, businesses return to normal, once more catering to the older demographic. Sustaining a business can be difficult if you rely on wintertime surges. Tailor your business to cater to both college kids and retirees, and you’ll have a better chance of growing your business and thriving. Don’t hire permanent staff based on wintertime surges. It’s better to hire seasonal workers that know their work only lasts until April. Orlando and Tampa have more stable visitor bases as the two cities are business and family destinations. Center your business on these travelers, but don’t forget your ever-present retiree base.


Cater to Retirees

Twenty percent of Florida residents are 65 years old and older. These retirees strengthen the backbone of Florida’s economy as they bring their money into the state as they retire. Seniors require individual facilities and attention – two things your business should be able to provide. Companies that provide services or instruction are especially popular with seniors. Pick-up and delivery services, property maintenance, home repair – focusing on the needs of seniors is one way to make a business work in the state. Computer training and finance management are also accessible. However, you’ll need to build your reputation to be able to work in those fields properly. Get your business location pinned in GoogleMaps, Uber, and Lyft to make it easier for your customers to find you. Support local groups and clubs and provide specials for seniors to get them coming back. Make sure to keep your customers happy, as word of mouth can be a powerful driving force among the senior community.


Increase your Reach

One way to insulate your business from the seasonal change in demographics is by extending the scope of your business to encompass even those beyond your immediate surroundings. Social media, a company website, or a digital marketing company can help you introduce your company’s products to people all around the country or even the world. You can use affiliate sellers to advertise and distribute your products, extending your company’s reach even beyond the state. The average American spends close to 4 hours in front of computer or phone screens. Making use of the internet and digital marketing allows your company to break the limits of location and cater to a broader base.

Low taxes and warm weather make Florida a great place to run a business. Ride the crests and weather the troughs or insulate yourself from the changes by extending the reach of your business.

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